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    “CoLor UP” machine


    “CoLor UP” machine


    This device will help anyone who needs wood impregnation or paint.

    Simple design of the device without any complicated and prone elements.
    Made of stainless steel and aluminum parts

    Rollers and brushes are easy to adjust and change.

    The kit contains: four units of rollers, ten units of brushes.
    Extremely lightweight and comfortable roller and brush pressure setting with manual control.

    The rollers paint the board simultaneously on all four sides, and the synchronous brush removes excess paint and evenly covers the surface. Upon request, it is possible to determine only the upper or lower parts of the board to be painted. The board is stained uniformly and evenly, the paint is coated in a thin layer.

    Extremely high yield of paint.

    During the day up to 1500 sq.m. and more can be painted.

    During the process, excess ink is added to a dedicated bath, from which the paint is again poured into the dyeing container.

    The yield of paint is as specified in the paint specification.

    Maximum board height is 70mm. width – 250mm.

    Device weight is about 40 kg. Easy device cleaning process.

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