Painting machine “CoLor UP”

We want to present a new painting machine for the painting of the wooden boards – Color up. This device is intended for the treatment of wood boards with impregnating agents or wood paint. This device speeds up and simplifies the painting process compared to painting a wood with a brush or roller. The device is made of stainless steel and aluminum parts, has a very simple construction and is made without any complicated or perishable parts. Why is it useful to have a Color up device?

  • The wooden board is painted without any seams and evenly, the paint is covered with a thin layer;
  • Rollers paint the board simultaneously on all four sides, and synchronous brushes remove excess paint and evenly cover the board surface;
  • Only the upper or only the lower parts of the board can be painted if required;
  • It is also possible to paint boards of non-standard dimensions. Maximum possible board height – 70mm, width – 250mm;
  • Extremely economical paint yield, as the excess paint generated during the painting process flows into a special bath, from which the paint is poured back into the painting container;
  • Paint yield is as specified in the paint characteristics;
  • Rollers and brushes are easy to adjust and replace;
  • Extremely easy and convenient pressure and brush pressure adjustment with manual adjuster;
  • The set includes: four units of rollers, ten units of brushes;
  • Easy device cleaning process;
  • Adjustable level of the bottom of the legs, so you can use it on uneven surfaces;
  • Takes up little space, making it convenient to store without use – 1316x720x850mm;
  • The device weighs about 40 kg, making it stable for working and easy to use;
  • More than 1,500 m2 can be painted in 8 hours a day, making it suitable for small businesses.

This board painting machine will suit you if you are:

  • Terrace masters
  • Fence masters
  • Facade builders
  • Builders / companies of frame and panel houses
  • Sawmills (which sell painted, impregnated wood)
  • Burnt wood producers (for oiling)
  • Garden and sauna manufacturers
  • And everyone else who paints the wood by hand


Set consists of

Four rollers

vuršus be1-min

Ten brushes

viršus be-min

Painting process

Offer to collaborate

We are looking for companies that want to cooperate in the trade of board painting equipment. We offer to place our board painting equipment in our online and physical store, we will provide advertising booklets, videos and professional photos. We will deliver the sold painting machines directly to your customers and pay you a commission for each product sold. Our product is fully mechanical therefore, quality and durability during the warranty and post-warranty period are guaranteed. We provide a 5-year warranty for the installation of board painting.

If you have any suggestions or want to cooperate with us, we are waiting for your e-mails. by e-mail: or by phone: +37068466226

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